Friday, July 26, 2013

Classy and Simple...

So it's a Friday night and I'm sitting here watching a new Disney Channel movie called Teen Beach Movie.
I'm only watching it because two of my favorite dancers from So You Think You Can Dance are in it and it's actually a pretty good movie. Well, they have a scene where girls and guys talk about or rather sing about the differences in dating and dress from the 1960's to the present. I think everyone knows that I prefer, the classic style of the '50's and '60's with a bit of a modern twist on it. My style is rather conservative and not so "out there" like some modern day styles.

When I think of styles from the '50's and '60's, I think pleated skirts, polka dots, tweed, paisley print, lace...
And there is no doubt that those fashion styles had an impact on American culture or they would not have returned in such a huge way. 2013 has been a huge year for the comeback of lace, polka dots, and paisley print. It has become evident that classy and simple styles of the 1950's and the 1960's will never go out of style. I think that they should be apart of every young woman's wardrobe.

Let me know what y'all think! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Work, School, and Sanity

Hey guys! I know it has been a while since my last post but I'm back! This summer has been filled with summer school and work with the occasional outings here and there. I have been swamped in textbooks, labs, study groups, and Jcrew Factory clearance and roll outs. Luckily this post is coming after a semi-relaxing day and a conversation with my mother.

So I'm deviating from my normal type of posts and doing something a bit different. I decided to post about the daily struggles of summer. While most of y'all are vacaying with family, working fun summer jobs, and relaxing with friends, I have been in summer school, working, and trying to stay sane. Let me just say that summer school is no joke. I have been busy everyday studying something. I really don't think that I was ready for all of this. Thank God, I have been doing fairly well balancing everything.

Work is work is work. I love my job and I love seeing what new things we get in!

Now for the biggest piece....Sanity.
So lately I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed, but that's nothing that a long nap, a large coke, and some chocolate couldn't fix. I think I have been trying to be superwoman and take on the world which is the biggest task in the world. On top of all of that, I have just wanted a week to sleep. With no luck of that happening any time soon, I have just picked myself up and continued on the best way I knew how. One thing that I can say that has helped is inspirational quotes. I'm a huge fan of Tumblr, username is babyy-amor, which houses some of the most amazing quotes and advice. So every Sunday, I go to my likes where I have quotes for life, and write down three quotes on sticky notes. I post them around my room and bathroom and during the week as I see them, I read them and get a burst of inspiration to continue my week. This has helped so much to help me continue on and finish my last three weeks of summer school.

I know I said that this isn't going to be a normal post, but it wouldn't be right for me not to express my opinion on the Trayvon Martin verdict.
As I mentioned when I first started my blog, I'm a young Black woman and I am not ashamed about that whatsoever. I am very disappointed in the outcome of the Trayvon Martin case. He did nothing wrong and I'm sure had a promising future. We will never know because Zimmerman decided to take his life after 911 told him not to act and to wait until they arrived. No matter what the verdict was, Zimmerman is fully guilty in my opinion. As much as I don't want my blog to become political, the whole situation had to do with race and racial profiling. Zimmerman managed to kill a young 17 year old Black male and walk away free on all accounts where in the same state a Black woman fired warning shots and didn't harm a soul and she received twenty years in prison. I pray for the Martin family and I am thankful that even though the verdict has been read, many Blacks are doing everything to make this case a civil rights case.

Let me know what y'all think. Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Please and Thank You

Hello everyone. This post comes a few days after Father's Day, hoping that everyone enjoyed a lovely day with their dads. I didn't have the luxury, but talking to my daddy made it all okay. Anyway, I have been in summer school for three weeks now and I have witnessed things that started a discussion with some of my classmates and I this afternoon.

So, I'm pretty sure that everyone knows that I disagree with society and how some things are in 2013. Well today I was talking with a group of friends and they mentioned some things that got me to thinking. So most people were raised where the words "please" and "thank you" were used everyday. It is so hard to find a group of young adults today that can say those two simple words without it feeling like a chore of some sort. Growing up, my mother always made sure that I used my manners. Not only did it teach me how to be polite, but they are simple words that can make a difference, believe it or not. I will admit that as I grew older, I didn't use them as much. However, I am trying to remember that being polite will never go out of style and its not just a fad. I think the idea of fads and what's "on trend," as an acquaintance of mine would say, has taken over the lives of young adults. They think it's all about what's popular or what looks good. Sometimes it's about what's right and what's good. Being a young adult in 2013, older people already have preconceived notions of us and so we have to try and show them that all young people are not the same. Manners like "please" and "thank you" are important. Being polite is a way of life. It will never go out of style. So while some may want to fit in, I rather stand out and be polite to people even if I have to stand alone.

Comment. Let me know what y'all think. Start a discussion among friends. It's worth it. You may just realize that you are not alone in your beliefs. :)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Staying Humble...

So I know it's been a while since my last post. I have had so much going on. I'm in summer school and working so that takes up a big amount of my time now. I had a whole day to myself today so I decided to post some stuff.
Over the last few weeks, many things I have witnessed have given me inspiration for this post, but the main thing that I kept coming back to was being humble or thinking about people who are humble.

Growing up, one of the things my mom taught me was to stay humble and I never really understood what she meant by that until I was a bit older. I will forever be a 90's baby and I'm proud of it, but there is something wrong with my generation. Young adults my age and younger have no respect for their elders, are rude, and selfish. It's like we all took a page out of the "I'm the king/queen of the world and no one else matters" book and started applying it to everything we do. I am guilty of it, as well. I think we get so wrapped up in the fast paced, social networking, electronic world that we live in and we sometimes forget to just stop and simply smile at someone. A simple hello or holding a door for someone could brighten their day. There have been many times that a toddler's innocence has made my day so much better. If we were all toddlers again, we would be so ignorant to the craziness and dangers of the real world. We would be nicer to people and not so quick to judge. I know I wish that I was younger again sometimes, simply because the real world is so painful and causes me to build up walls. I think it's that way for everyone. Well, how do you deal with the hand you were dealt, called your life? Hmmm...that's an interesting question. I'm still trying to figure it all out. I try to live one day at a time because if not, I stress out and that's never good.

So back to being humble... Things in life have never come easy for me. I have always had to work for everything; grades, dance, and even friends. Sometimes I wondered why I always had to work so hard and for everyone else it was just easy. Well, I still think this at times. What I can say is that since April, I have been trying something new....being patient. I have a huge patience problem and lately it has improved. There are so many things that I am anticipating, but I have to wait. But while I wait, I am continuously being humble. I'm not getting mad because I have to wait, I'm not having temper tantrums, fighting, or cursing anyone out simply because I know that by staying humble, God will not only give me the desires of my heart, but also my wishes. Staying humble is a task because you want instant gratification, just like anyone else. But I know that by being patient and staying humble I will receive everything that God has for me and that I will be happy. I just wish that others could do the same, but unfortunately my generation is the instant gratification generation. I choose to stand out and be the oddball when it comes to this. Now I just have to work on the patience part.

Are you humbling yourself for your blessing or are you trying to get it the quick way?
Stay humble and you will be blessed beyond measure...

Have a wonderful weekend and let me know what y'all think.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Southern Values

So yesterday was Mother's Day! A day set aside to show any mother figure in your life how much they mean to you. I didn't get a chance to get my mother a gift, but last night we talked for a few hours as I sat in her bed and that meant more to her than a gift could. These last few days have been crazy for me, filled with nonstop traveling and packing. Thank God that I'm home for a little while.

Being from the South, I have grown up with many values that I hold near to my heart. My great-grandmother was a woman that cared for everyone, even if you weren't her own. She took care of the whole neighborhood and always had a warm spirit. This carried over into my grandmother and my mother. I was taught the simple southern values that every southern girl knows by heart. You should always keep God first and treat others the way that you would want to be treated, along with others. This weekend as I traveled to my cousin's college graduation, I noticed how kind and generous people are in the South. Southern women and men just have this charm about them that is hard to describe and hard to duplicate. The simple hug when being introduced to someone for the first time shows hospitality and gives a warmness in my soul. Saying y'all makes me smile because represents love; love for everyone even if you don't like them. Having your foods either fried or with barbecue sauce shows that there is love, even in food. I even witnessed a village raising a child and being able to see the final product of it.

One thing that I love to see is a southern man and not just any man. A southern man is a man who loves and shows respect to his parents and family members, never disrespects women, is always careful of what he says in a woman's presence, dresses nice, goes to church, and most of all respects himself. A southern man is basically the formula for what every man should be. Guys today seem so occupied with getting the fast girls, money, cars, and clothes. They disrespect women and as long as the woman allows it, they continue. Guys are not learning how to be men in today's society. They want the easy way out of life and life isn't easy. Its filled with obstacles and battles to make you a stronger person. If all guys looked to the southern man in how to act and treat women, then maybe guys can stop looking for love in all the wrong places. Instead of talking about the kind of woman that they want, guys will start to attract the type of woman they want.

So back to southern values.... "Love your neighbor as yourself." That is the greatest southern value along with respect.

Let me know what y'all think.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Beginning...

So this is my first time making a blog. I have no clue what I'm supposed to do, although I'm sure that there are no rules. So this is for all who will read my blog in advance...Bear with me. Lol. Ok, so the name of my blog is Young Women of Society and that is exactly what I want this blog to be about. I'm a junior in college and I attend an HBCU, Historically Black College or University. Walking around campus, I witness many things that are not becoming of a young woman whose goal is to have a successful future. I look in awe at how young women and men act or carry themselves. I'm not here to say "That's wrong. You should change who you are." I will say however, that we all wish to have a career and possibly get married one day. In my opinion, society has shaped us to think only about the now. In order to obtain what society shows, you have to think about the future as well. I'm not at all saying to be boring and never have any fun. I have tons of fun and live in the moment, but I am constantly thinking about my future. 

I wanted to start this blog because I am tired of seeing young women degrade themselves or act any kind of way and then expect to find a mate that respects them. Respect starts with yourself. Many girls look to people like Rihanna and Lady Gaga as role models. I have respect for and love both artists' music, but they are not positive role models for young women in 2013, in my opinion. Rihanna has her own set of issues without involving Chris Brown and Lady Gaga is currently in hiatus after having to cancel her tour. No one is perfect, but I rather have Michelle Obama or even Beyonce as role models. They try to uplift the youth and send out positive messages. 

Guys like the short shorts and the tight clothes that girls are wearing, but it only lasts for so long. At some point, guys stop going after the girls with no clothes on and start looking for girls that carry themselves well and who are confident. They start looking for a woman to settle down with. After talking with my older brother, I thought of how many girls are just living in the moment. Out of that... Young Women of Society was born.

I hope y'all like and will continue to read. I have many thoughts that I would like to share and I thought a blog would be a great way. Comment and let me know what y'all think.